Transport Committee

Functions & Responsibilities:

  • To monitor the bus timings to reach the college in time.
  • To resolve complaints and to receive suggestions on all transport and traffic matters.
  • To resolve disciplinary activities in the buses.
  • To fix the bus fair to be collected from the students.
  • To identify new routes based on the demand.


S.No Name of the Member Back Ground Position
1 Mr M Mahipal Reddy Transport in Charge Chairman
2. Mr N Prashanth Physical Director Member
3 Mr B Mahesh Administrative Officer Member
4 Mrs N Sindhuja Assistant Professor of CSE Member
5 Mrs A Swathi Assistant Professor of Maths Member
6 Mr J Harilal Assistant Professor of ECE Convener
7 Mr K Venkata Krishna Assistant Professor of CSE Member
8 Mrs M Mounika Assistant Professor of IT Member
9 Mr Md Sohail Baba Assistant Professor of MBA Member