About Department

When you join IT at MREM, the first thing you will observe is the efficient faculty, who explain the topics in the most understandable manner in the classroom.

The result is you will understand the concepts in detail, and get well versed with the subject.

After the classroom sessions, you will be guided towards the computer laboratories, where you will implement the theoretical aspects.

The highlight of these labs is the advanced computers, which are even capable of handling applications with high graphic usage.

So, you can do practicals of any kind without any limitations. Established in the year 2008, the department has B.Tech degree in Information Technology with an intake of 60 and Master’s Degree in Information Technology(M.Tech programe) with an intake of 48.

It has the sophisticated and necessary infrastructural facilities required for imparting high quality education and the department is completely well structured to meet the contemporary needs of the industry.

Imparting high quality education is supported by well qualified and experienced faculty, further support is extended by technically skilled and competent programmers.

Seminars, Workshops are conducted in the department to keep faculty and students updated with latest developments in various technologies.

The students in the department are moulded into competent software professionals, to face the challenges of the Computer Science and Information Technology sectors.

Course Type : B.Tech
Duration : 4 year for Direct Entry / 3 Years for Lateral Entry