About Department

The Department of Humanities and Sciences (H&S) is established in the year 2008-2009, with its academic and professional objectives to help 1st year students to assimilate with the new surroundings, develop bond with fellow students and teachers. The department also aims to deliver quality education and imparting discipline to make the students technologically elite and ethically strong in their profession and make them fit to cater the needs for society.

DR.SUMATHI D SURWASE M.A, M.Phil, P.hd is the head of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Department of H&S extends its services to all core Engineering Branches by providing strong knowledge in basic disciplines including English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Soft Skills, Gender Sensitization and Environmental Sciences.

The Department has experienced and dedicated faculty with good academic and research background. The Department provides exposure to the faculty to attend and conduct various academic programs like “Faculty Development Programs (FDP) to update their knowledge from time to time following the new trends in academics.

The Department has fully equipped Chemistry and Physics laboratories to inculcate basic scientific knowledge. It is also equipped with the latest Computer Aided Language Lab (CALL) and English Communication Skills labs (ECS) to help the students improve their communication skills and soft skills. The Department extends support in providing soft skill training to all the students to prepare for Placement Drives. The H&S department helps the students to learn the fundamental concepts and technicalities of engineering subjects so that they can understand the advanced aspects of engineering in their subsequent graduation years.

The department is also crucial preparing the students for distinguished competitive tests such as IELTS, GRE, and TOEFL.