1 SRK012
Basic Electrical Engineering Lab
Ohms Law kit, KCL & KVL VERIFICATION KIT ,Transient Response of Series RL and RC circuits using DC excitation kit, Transient Response of RLC Series circuit using DC excitation kit, Resonance in series RLC circuit kit, 1-Phase Variac , 3-phase Variac , DC Shunt motor, 3-Phase induction moter , 3- Phase Alternator, 1-PHASE Transformers, Rectifier unit, Decade Resistance, Inductance, Capacitance boxes, Tachometer( Digital),Rheostats, Choke coils, Voltmeters, Ammeters and Wattmeters.
2 SRK012
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lab
DC Shunt motor,Three phase induction motor,Rectifier unit, Three phase alternator set,Single phase transformer,Three phase auto transformer,Single phase auto transformer,Rheostats,Regulated power supply,PN junction diode,Zener diode,Tachometer,Cathode ray oscilloscope,Resistors, ammeters, voltmeters,Transistors,Wattmeters and Capacitors.
3 SRK017
Electrical Machines Lab
DC Shunt Motor, DC Series Motor, DC Compound Motor, MG set, Single Phase Induction Motor, Three Phase Induction Motor, Alternator, Single phase transformers ,Three phase transformer, Resistive load bank ,Three phase Inductive load bank, Mechanical loads with pully arrangements, Rheostats, Tachometer, Rectifier unit, Voltmeter , Ammeters and Wattmeters.
4 SRK018
Power Systems Lab
Differential relay, Transmission line simulator, Microprocessor based under voltage relay, Three-phase transformer, Synchronous machine ,IDMT relay ,1-phase transformer, Testing of CT, PT’s and Insulator strings , MATLAB, Rheostats, Tachometer, Voltmeters, Ammeters and Wattmeters.
5 SRK013
Electrical Workshop
Ferrite core and standard wires, Cut model of 1-Phase/3-Phase Induction Motor Stator, Star delta starter, Distribution box, MCB, ELCB, RCCB and MCCB,40W tube with set, LED,T5 Electrical Tester, Metal Halide lamp, Contactors, DOL Starter, 3 Point Starter, Zener Diodes, 8051 Microcontroller, Analog to Digital Converter, LCD Display,LM35 SENSOR,LM1801 SENSOR,POTENTIOMETER, Zener Diodes, Resistors, Diodes, Capacitors, Inductors and OpAmps.
6 SRK207
Measurements and Instrumentation Lab
DC Crompton Potentiometer, Current Transformer, Potential Transformer, choke coil, Andersons Bridge kit, Kelvin Double Bridge kit, Resistance strain gauge measurement kit, LVDT Trainer kit, Schering Bridge kit, Dynamometer power factor meter, Single phase energy meter, Transformer turns ratio measurement kit, HT testing kit, Voltmeters, Ammeters and Wattmeters.
7 SRK208
Control Systems Lab
Time Response of Second order system kit, P,PI,PD and PID Controller Kit, Programmable logic controller Kit, Transfer function of AC Servomotor kit with loading arrangements, Feedback on DC Servomotor kit, Transfer function of DC motor/DC Generator kit, Temperature Controller using PID kit, Synchros transmitter & receiver kit, Voltmeters, Lag and Lead compensation kit, MATLAB & PSPICE.
8 SRK209
Electrical Circuits Lab
Series and Parallel Resonance kit, Verification of Thevinen’s & Norton’s kit, Verification of Superposition theorem kit, Verification of Maximum Power Transfer theorem, Regulated Power Supply, Booster Transformers, Verification of Compensation kit,1-phase Variacs ,3-phase Variac, Function generators, Cathode ray oscilloscopes, Harmonic analyzer, Rheostats, Choke coils, Decade Resistance, Inductance, Capacitance boxes, Voltmeters, Ammeters and Wattmeters.
9 SRK222
Power Electronics Lab
converter trainer kit, Three phase half controlled bridge converter trainer kit with R load,Matlab & Pspice, Single phase full converter trainer kit,Single bridge converter trainer kit, SCR triggering trainer kit, Single phase bridge inverter with R and RL loads, Single phase parallel inverter trainer kit, DC Jones chopper trainer kit, SCR, IGBT & MOSFET trainer kit, Single phase Cyclo converter trainer kit, Single phase dual converter trainer kit, Single phase series inverter trainer kit ,Boost chopper trainer kit, Forced commutation circuits trainer kit, Single phase ac voltage controller trainer kit.
10 SRK221
Power System Simulation Lab
Computers with Processor, MATLAB & SIMULINK
11 SRK221
Electrical System Simulation Lab
Lag and Lead compensation kit, Computers with Processor, MATLAB