Director – Finance & Accounts


Mr. Vemula Raghavendar Reddy is a highly accomplished professional currently serving as the Director of Accounts at Malla Reddy Engineering College and Management Sciences. With his exceptional vision and expertise in financial management, he plays a vital role in overseeing the financial operations of the institution, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and strategic planning. His role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis. He collaborates with various departments to develop effective financial strategies that support the institution’s growth and sustainability.

Under his leadership, the finance team thrives, consistently delivering reliable financial information to support decision-making processes. Mr. V. Raghavendar Reddy’s visionary approach enables him to anticipate future financial trends and challenges, making him instrumental in driving the college’s financial success.

Mr. V. Raghavendar Reddy is renowned for his visionary thinking and ability to develop strategies that align with the institution’s goals. He possesses a deep understanding of the higher education landscape and the financial challenges faced by educational institutions. His leadership style is characterized by effective communication, collaboration, and the empowerment of his team members. His vision, expertise, and commitment to financial excellence contribute significantly to the institution’s growth, sustainability, and overall success.