About Department

All disciplines of Science and Engineering currently rely heavily on the ability of computing and trained computer professionals. Computer science and engineering specialists are at the forefront of scientific and technological advancements. Keeping this demand in view, the Computer Science and Engineering Department’s goal is devoted to form Technological Leaders of Tomorrow. It advances students into individuals with good problem solving and coding skills and significant thinking skills to create innovative solutions for new challenges in science and technology.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is supported by highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculty who are committed to provide students with industry-relevant education. The Department has well equipped infrastructure, and computing equipment supported by an uninterrupted high-speed internet connection to meet academic requirements, support research and learning skills, and keep up with modern contemporary technological advances as required by the industry.

The department provides exciting opportunities for students to explore their maximum potential through guest lectures, technical seminars from renowned industry and academic personalities, and activities to develop their technical skills through various clubs driven by active student participation. To name a few: CSI Student Branch, Department Technical Association and coding platforms such as e-Labs and Hackathons as well. The Department has best academic laboratories like Python programming, Cryptography & Network security lab, Programming for problem solving using C, Ethical hacking lab, Data Structures, Programming with Objects, Scripting languages lab, Database Management Systems, Machine learning, Web Application Development, Linux Programming, Software testing methodologies lab, Software Design and Testing, Cloud Application Development. The Infrastructure and Lab facilities are upgraded from time to time which provide good practical learning and an innovative environment for the students and researchers. The students are nurtured with a variety of active learning activities including presentations, video lectures, experiential learning by faculty in the institute.