Rules & Regulations


Library Rules and regulations are essential for efficient and successful Management of library. The main purposes of the library rules and regulations are:-

  • To provide guidance to users, aiding them in the use of the library’s resources, facilities and service.
  • To protect documents (Books/Journals/Magazines CD-ROM’S, Floppy Disks/Video Cassettes Etc) and other properties of the library and to prevent from damage and misuse.
  • To inform users of their privileges and limitations in the use of the library.

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Library is open from 09:00 A.M. to 06.00 P.M. on all college working days. The library is closed on college holidays.
  2. All the students and staff of the college can avail themselves of the library facilities.
  3. All the students and staff members should signature on the gate register first, before entering in the library.
  4. Person desirous of using the library shall enter his/her name, branch, time and signature legibly in the gate register kept.
  5. Staff/students are expected to maintain silence in the library. Any form of discussion/conversation will not be allowed.
  6. The users should leave their belongings at the property racks near the entrance.
  7. No person should write upon, damage or make any mark upon any book, journal/magazine or any property belonging to the library.
  8. All the users of the library are expected to return all documents borrowed by them including and obtain a “No Dues Certificate” before they leave the college.
  9. Books will be issued to the student concerned (and not to any one else) on production of proper identity cards only. Books are normally issued for a period of 15(Fifteen) days.
  10. The borrower has to replace the book or pay the twice of the cost of book if it is torn or badly damaged or lost. This is an addition to the payment of fine and binding charges.
  11. The Books, journals/magazines should be returned in due time. Else, fine will be levied as per library rules for each day the document (Books/Journals/Magazines, CD etc) kept over time. There will not be any exemption on fine during examinations.
  12. Reference (Not to be loaned) books and current journals will not be issued, they can only be referred in the librarian only.

Book Issue Rules:

All the students can obtain their library borrowing cards on production of ID card issued by the college. The number of Books that can be issued to the students is as follows.

Students/Staff No of Books Timings
B. Tech Students 4 Issue Timings
12.00-1.20 and 3.00pm – 4.00pm
Return Timings
9.30-10.00a.m and 3.00-4.00pm
MBA Students 4
Teaching Faculty 6
Non – Teaching Faculty 3