Career Guidance Training & Placement Committee

Career Planning, Training and Development looks after corporate relations, career guidance and placements of the students. It plays a major role in liaising with different industrial establishments and manufacturing units for curriculum-based training, placements, guest lectures and skill development programs. Career Planning, Training and Development is committed to provide ample opportunities to the graduate and post-graduate students so that they may secure employment in multi-national companies and other reputed organizations.

Availability of Career Guidance Facilities at MREM

The Training and Placement Cell at MREM has three different tasks:

  1. Career Guidance.
  2. Training the students
  3. Campus Placement.

Counselling for Higher Studies: Career Guidance Cell look into effective career guidance services to the students including counselling for higher studies and entrepreneurship.

Expected Roles and Responsibilities 

  • To provide educational career matters to students by holding counselling sessions
  • To provide pre-placement training, placement support and counselling for higher studies
  • To make necessary arrangements for the students in order to help them formulate good decisions with regard to their future steps related to education or career.
  • Helping students to understand that career management is a lifelong process.
  • Helping the students to understand how technological trends play a major role in career management.
  • Promoting the independence and self-confidence of the students.
  • Increasing awareness of opportunities and options after their graduation in term of higher studies and career

Pre-Placement Training: The CGTP (Career Guidance, Training and Placement) Cell of MREM provides Personality Development training to the students, which may a part of their regular curriculum. Cardinal to obtaining jobs, topics such as Soft Skills Development, Aptitude and right Attitude build-up, communication skills should be delivered through training department. On other hand, technical training should start from 2nd year so that the students are ready for placements activities in their 6th semester.


  • Administer aptitude tests, entailing English Language, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning, to students
  • Personality Assessment of students via Presentation Skills, Group Discussions, Personal Interview
  • To work on Communication Skills of the students
  • To conduct Stress and Time Management counselling sessions for the students.
  • To conduct regular Mock Online Tests
  • Conduct Mock Interviews for the students
  • Discuss the performance parameter with the experts from the industry after mock tests and mock interviews
  • Students should be given certified training programs as the companies are going for skill-based hiring.
  • Students should do projects on the practical.

Placement process and support:

MREM CGTP Cell is rigorously involved in collaborating with leading organizations in organizing internship and placement activities for the students. It acts as an interface among students, alumni and employment community and bridges the gap between industry and academia.

Activities of MREM-CGTP Cell:

  • To establish strong industry institution interface.
  • To establish MoUs with companies regarding academic partnership and placements.
  • Providing Industrial linkages to both the students and the faculty
  • Encourage Industries to visit the institution for familiarization.
  • To Conduct Industrial visits for students.
  • To arrange corporate-student engagement activities
  • To generate in-campus and off-campus job opportunities for the students


S.No Name & Designation Back Ground Position in the Committee
1 Mr V Bharat Simha Reddy Training and Placement Officer Chairman
2 Dr Shaik Mastan Vali Associate Professor of MBA Coordinator
3 Dr V Mani Sharma Professor of CSE Member
4 Dr G Prem Sagar Associate Professor of ECE Member
5 Dr V Swathi Assistant Professor of CE Member