•  To coordinate the quality of education to meet the trend of industry
  •  To produce Industry-ready students
  • To assimilate industrial training and other inputs to develop students
  •  To offer research, development, consultancy and testing services to solve industrial problems
  •  To share the experience and expertise between institution and industry for mutual benefits
  •  Developing close links between Industry and Institute by interaction programs
  •  To encourage industry and organizations for placement and training of students in Industries.
  •  To conduct Industrial Training and Industrial Visits for the students and faculty. To conduct industrial exhibitions to highlight research facilities and expertise available with the Institute.
  •  To encourage Industry to collaborate in Industry Study Tour Programme (ISTP) / Intern-ship Programme, In-plant Training.
  •  Organizing seminars, symposiums, exhibitions and workshops on latest technological advancements, evaluation of project work with the collaborative efforts between industrial experts and institute departments Industrial Visit.
  •  Widening and effectively implementing the area of R & D and consultancy between the industries and the Institute.
  •  Motivate the young executives to become successful entrepreneurs.
  •  Widening and effectively implementing the area of R & D and consultancy between the industries and the Institute.
  •  To promote participation of industry personnel in the development of curricula & high quality student projects.
  •  To arrange industry visits and industrial training for the faculty and students of our institution.
  •  To provide technical consultancy and training to small scale & rural industries
  •  To take up joint Research & Development projects with the industries
  •  To establish Business Incubator at the Institute

Possible Activities Under Industry Institute Interaction Cell

  •  Industrial Research & Consultancy
  •  Industrial Testing (Proofing & Calibration)
  •  Sponsered industrial research
  •  Use of industrial labs by college
  •  Use of specialized database / lab equipment of the college
  •  Research guidance from industry
  •  Creation of collaborative labs / testing center at the college
  •  Joint research publication
  •  Solutions for field problems
  •  Analysis & Design problems
  •  Research fellowship support
  •  Joint Patents
  •  Continuing Education for industry
  •  Short-Term Training Programmes
  •  Collaborative Educational Programmes
  •  Visiting faculty from industry
  •  Training programmes / short term assignments in the industry to the faculty members
  •  Joint industrial projects for faculty
  •  Participation of industrial experts in curriculum design

Benefit to the Student

  1. Get exposure to industry & Get acquainted with industrial environment
  2. Keeps updated about global industrial scenario, makes them market ready to some extent
  3. Increases possible subsequent placement in various disciplines