ICC – Internal Compliant Committee

Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)

All the students and staff members are hereby informed that Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) has been established and the following members are appointed for Internal Complaint Committee (ICC).

S. No. Actual Designation Designation in the committee Name
1 Professor &HOD Chairperson Dr B.Srinivas
2 Assistant Professor  Member Mr MD Sohail Baba
3 Assistant Professor Member Mr B Ravi
4 Assistant Professor Member Mr P Chandrakanth
5 Assistant Professor Member Mr G Ismayal
6 Student of CSE 3rd Year Member Ms A Nandini 
7 Student of ECE 3rd Year Member K Uday Kumar Reddy
8 Student of EEE 3rd Year Member Mr Banoth Prasad
9 Student of IT 3rd Year Member Mr V Rahul
10 Student of 1st Year Member Ms N Divya 
11 MBA Student of 2nd  Year Member Mr J Bhanu Prakash